Q&A on China-Solomon Islands Security Cooperation by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy
2022-04-05 12:48

Q: Why should China and Solomon Islands sign security agreement?

A: Solomon Islands has bitter memories of social unrest in the past decades since its independence. In November 2021, riot broke out again in Honiara and resulted in huge property losses and social panic. The government of Solomon Islands decided to diversify its international security cooperation, and expand partnerships with China, PNG, Fiji. As two sovereign and independent countries, China and Solomon Islands conduct normal law enforcement and security cooperation on the basis of equality, respect and mutual benefit. It is in the interests of Solomon Islands and other regional countries and should be duly respected.

Q: Will China build military base in Solomon Islands?

A: This is utterly misinformation deliberately spread with political motive. Prime Minister of Solomon Islands the Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has made public statement on it loud and clear. China has law enforcement and security cooperation with many countries in the world, including PNG, Fiji and Vanuatu in pacific region. Earlier this year, China sent two navy ships with more than 1300 tons of food, water and other humanitarian supplies to Tonga after local volcano eruptions. These are normal international cooperation between sovereign countries.

Q: Will the Agreement escalate tensions and provoke confrontation in Solomon Islands?

A: The answer is NO. China-Solomon Islands security cooperation is intended to safeguard national security and maintain social order in Solomon Islands. It is no different from the cooperation of Solomon Islands with other countries. There is surely reports of some people trying to create tensions in Solomon Islands, blatantly threatening an invasion into Solomon Islands and topple the government. It is crystal clear that who wants to help maintain social order, and who attempts to escalate tensions.

Q: Will the Agreement lead to militarization and securitization of the region and undermine existing mechanism and arrangements of the Pacific Islands countries?

A: The world has entered into 21st century, but regrettably some people are still indulged in Cold War and colonial mentality. Some people claim that Pacific Island countries are their own "backyard", hype "China military threat”, try to create tensions and confrontation in the region. China-Solomon Islands security cooperation is not in conflict with the existing cooperative mechanisms in the region. We urge relevant parties to be open and inclusive, and place the urgent needs of pacific islands countries as priorities.

Q: Why will Solomon Islands need security cooperation with China when the SIAF maintains law and order in Solomon Islands?

A: In 2000, 2006 and 2021, riots broke out in Solomon Islands. The national development and international image of Solomon Islands were hit hard by riots, and business facilities including Chinatown heavily destroyed. The tragedy should not repeat itself in the future. As a sovereign country, Solomon Islands has every right to decide when it needs international security cooperation and assistance.

Q: Will the Agreement put Solomon Islands into power struggle?

A: The Pacific Island countries are all sovereign and independent. The region should not be considered "backyard" of other countries. “Friends to all, enemies to none” is the cornerstone of foreign policies of Pacific Islands countries. China is committed to peaceful development and has no intention at all to engage in competition or play power game with other countries in Pacific Islands region. This region should be a stage for international cooperation, not an arena for power struggle. It is hoped that relevant countries could abandon ideological prejudice and make practical contribution to regional stability and sustainable development.

Q: Will China intervene into internal affairs of Solomon Islands through security cooperation?

A:  Non-interference is the bedrock of China’s foreign policy. China was interfered and bullied by western powers in history, and therefore can fully understand the value of sovereignty and independence of developing countries. As the largest developing country and permanent member of United Nations Security Council, China respects the legitimate right of Solomon Islands to choose its own development path, and stands ready to work together with all parties, groups, and organizations in Solomon Islands, based on One-China Principle, for the purpose of advancing China-SI relationship and a shared future of peace and stability.