Wang Yi: China-Solomon Islands Relations Will Usher in a Brighter Future
2022-05-28 13:45

On May 26, 2022 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister of Solomon Islands Jeremiah Manele jointly met the press in Honiara.

Wang Yi said, China-Solomon Islands relations, though having a late start, are developing rapidly and catching up from behind. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the two countries have witnessed growing mutual trust and common interests, and the road of bilateral cooperation has become increasingly wider. China-Solomon Islands relations have been at the forefront of China's relations with Pacific Island Countries.

Wang Yi said, embarking on this trip with China's firm support for and sincerity in cooperation with Solomon Islands, as well as the Chinese people's friendship with the people of Solomon Islands, the Chinese delegation had friendly, in-depth and fruitful communication with Solomon Islands on enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Solomon Islands, and reached a series of important consensus.

Wang Yi introduced the eight-pronged consensus reached by the two sides. First, jointly cement the political foundation for China-Solomon Islands relations. Second, jointly advance the Belt and Road cooperation. Third, jointly implement the Global Development Initiative. Fourth, jointly create a secure and stable environment. Fifth, jointly promote connectivity. Sixth, jointly address climate change. Seventh, jointly promote sub-national exchanges. Eighth, jointly safeguard the interests of developing countries.

Wang Yi stressed, China-Solomon Islands relations started in keeping with the trend of the times, flourish in meeting the people's aspirations, and will certainly thrive with the progress of the times and usher in a broader and brighter future.